Customizing Citrix Web Interface 5.4

When Citrix released Web Interface 5.4, there were some major changes in the UI.  Some people were receptive to the changes, whereas others did not like the magnitude of the UI differences.  Companies always strive to keep a consistent look to their internal and external resources and it is cvery difficult for Citrix to cater to everyone’s desired look.

Personally, I like a dark site that is easy on the eyes.  That is the reason behind my black themed site that I have modified.  This modification contains documentation of all the changes made along with visual reference.  Looking through this package should enable anyone to modify the Web Interface to their liking once they figure out where to make their desired changes.

I hope this helps anyone out there looking to customize their own site.

Disclaimer – This is meant as a guide to customizing the Web Interface 5.4 Software provided by Citrix.  Any testing and QA is the responsibility of the implementer.  This has not been tested with Access Gateway deployments.  Only the modifications are present in this package.  The original software must be obtained from Citrix.

Download here:

WI 5.4 Black