92-up Ford Bronco Column Shift Selector Tube Replacement

Recently had the selector tube break, so this is a tutorial on how to fix.  Thanks to Steve83 as always for making diagrams like THIS ONE available for everybody:  ’92-up Steering Column Diagram

Disconnect the negative on your battery before doing any work.  Also, if you have an airbag, follow the correct procedures for disconnecting that circuit or removing the steering wheel.  I don’t have one, so this tutorial doesn’t include those steps.

I opted to pull the steering wheel, but after doing the job, I’m not sure how necessary this was.

Remove the bottom trim cover of the steering column. (4 philips screws)

Remove the key cylinder by inserting the key and turning to the RUN position.  grab a small drill bit or anything small enough to press in the small pin located beneath the cylinder.  Pull the cylinder out while the pin is pressed in.

With the key cylinder out, remove the top trim cover of the steering column.  Remove the two Torx screws holding in the turn signal assembly.

Remove the three clips in this assembly.  One goes to the Overdrive button on the shifter.

On top of the steering shaft U joint, pop off the shift cable from the shift selector lever arm.

Remove the shifter base cover by pushing out the clip on the right side and prying up the push nut on the left

Push out the holding pin that connects the shifter to the tube

Unscrew the gear indicator cable and unhook it from the tube arm.

Remove the torx bolts holding the ignition wires.  Lower the ignition cable box out of the way.  Undo the wire harness located right behind this as well.

Remove the four nuts holding the steering column to the dash.

With the column lowered, remove the six torx bolts needed to remove the shift selector tube

This is the tube removed

Remove the two torx bolts at the end of the tube.  Set aside the spring and lever arm.  Tap out the pin holding in the pawl.  These parts will get used again.

You can see here, the original broken tube along side the new tube kit.  This is a Dorman model 905-100 I picked up at Advance Auto Parts for $28.99.

One item that does not come in the kit is the small clip and bushing shown below

I reused the clip and turned the bushing 180 degrees, adding a little bit to the already existing slit so it will fit reversed.  This helped to keep the shift lever tight without buying a new bushing.  Also to note, the pawl pin did not fit into the new tube.  I had to drill the hole slightly using a 13/16 bit.

Be sure to grease the outside of the plastic socket bushings so shifting is smooth with less resistance.  Otherwise, they fit pretty tight.

Assembly is the reverse of this process.  Enjoy your Bronco that shifts like new.