Lloydz IAV on my Victory Vegas 8-ball

I am very impressed with my IAV. I recently bought an 8-ball with Stage 1 swept exhaust and got frustrated with the stalling on tip-in and backfiring. After reading thevog.net posts about this part and the reviews of its effectiveness, I had to order it. here is an account of my installation.


The IAC is right behind the right side cheese wedge. Removing the 4 5mm bolts was rather easy.


The three joined hoses were removed with a flathead screwdriver and a little finesse.


Once removed, split the three hoses by cutting the joining rubber. A razor blade works great.


On the other side of the engine, remove the cheese wedge and pull the IAC hose from the air box. Fingers are good, but needle nose are better.


Once out, cut 1/2″ off the plastic tube and insert into the IAV large opening. Make sure the adjustment is facing down in relation to how the tube would normally sit. Seat the heat shrink tubing over the plastic and IAV and heat it so it had a good seal.


Reinstall the IAC tube to the air box so the IAV and other two tubes are ready.


Put the IAC back in place. Grab some lubricant (I used 10-w 40) and rub it around the two seals on the IAV. Push it in the middle pipe of the IAC firmly, but squarely. Push the other two hoses back on. Make sure the air tube is still on the air box all the way. Everything is pretty much reassembled at this point. Screw the 5mm bolts back in so the IAC is fastened. The hardest one is the bottom left. Hope you have small fingers.


After everything is done, follow Lloydz instructions to make adjustments. Enjoy!