About Me

I am an American man enjoying my third decade on this earth. I married my best friend in September of ’07 and been loving the married life ever since. I work for Citrix Systems as a Technical Relationship Manager.

I love my job and I think the computer field is one of the coolest occupations to have due to the always evolving technology. In the same respect, I am not one to sit in a chair all day. I love physical activity and fitness training. My lunch hour is spent at the gym to keep the heart rate up during the work day.

Since high school I’ve been an avid electronic music fan. I’ve DJ’ed for almost ten years now and continue to spin records as a hobby. I maintain dj1-11.com to release promo mixes and keep any fans up to date on events I may play. I’ve released some original music and work on remixes at times, but I’ve never been able to force myself to sit and work in the studio. Every song or mix I’ve done has been very impulsive and usually completed within a day or two while the motivation kept me going.

Working in the clubs for so many years has shown me a lot of the party life. I always say I can hang with the best, but I will never consider myself as a club rat. I have just as good of a time cuddled up on the couch with my beautiful wife on a Saturday night. There’s a time and place to party, and I’ve seen it damage enough people’s lives to know when to stop.

So how would I sum myself up? I’m a fun loving guy who can work with the best, and have a blast with the rest. I try to live my life by a couple of mottos: “Work smarter, not harder” and “Never grow up, you’re only as old as you think you are.”

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