Mandatory Terminal Services Profiles and Novell Client

I like quick logins, and I hate managing profiles, so i typically use mandatory profiles on my Citrix servers if it serves only a couple of specific applications.  I recently noticed some wierd behavior on some of my server regarding the mandatory profiles.

If a user logged in, their username was appended to the profile location where the mandatory profile is stored.  I used Group Policy “Set TS Roaming Profile Path” and in this setting, checked the box “Do not append the user name to profile path”

TS Profile Path GPO

TS Profile Path GPO

I checked the registry where this option is stored (HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTTerminal ServicesWFDontAppendUserNameToProfile) and it existed and was enabled.  For some reason the server was just ignoring it.  I recreated the GPO, checked my system.adm template date, still not working.

I managed to find one forum post on the web with someone else attributing this problem to the Novell client, which is on this server.  He was running 4.91 SP2, I am running 4.91 SP3.  Novell is at SP4 at the time of this writing, so I upgraded asap.  Problem resolved.  Chalk another problem up to Novell client.  At least they fixed the issue in SP4, otherwise my mandatory profiles would be quite un-mandated.